2 agosto 2010


1) THE MAN WHO SHOT THE SIXTIES "Duffy together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan is recognized as one of the innovators of “documentary" fashion photography, a style which revolutionized fashion imagery and furthermore the fashion industry. So influential were their images that in 1962 the Sunday Times dubbed Duffy, Bailey & Donovan the “Terrible Trio” and Norman Parkinson further added to their notoriety by naming them "The Black Trinity". Together they dominated the London photographic scene, constantly pushing each other to new heights". http://vimeo.com/9141202 il documentario 2) SEDMIKRASKI (DAISIES, 1996)
"Sedmikrásky" (probably better known as its Americanized title Daisies)
a delightfully weird and kitschy romp of an adventure about two girls named Marie who decide that the world is bad so they should be bad too. The movie is an attempt to criticize the civil values and social formalities. It is about two beautiful women with self-destructive but almost innocent behavior that enter a surrealistic series of adventures with no moral limits. They are careless and excess-driven, yet free, enjoying creative spaces and imaginative places where they take us to explore their minds. The idea of this movie is that 'one should try everything', become an experiencer in order to value and accept those social norms established by society. This film is very liberal, contrary to the Czech government of the 60's. And as liberal as the narrative is, so is the visual style that Vera Chytilová (with the help of her husband) uses to represent her ideas. In this landmark, Czech new wave film, two young women (Jitka Cerhová and Ivana Karbanová) see a self-indulgent world where traditional values are meaningless and opt to forgo any pretense of standards. Donning matching outfits and penciling on raccoon-eye makeup, they embark on a series of freewheeling adventures -- including staged dinner dates with old men and destroying a banquet hall -- all enhanced by Jaroslav Kucera's creative camera work.
There's obviously some subtext to this movie, but Daisies' most endearing quality is that it's just fun to watch these two women and their wacky misadventures. Thrown in some ahead of its time experimental film techniques and all around surrealism and you've got one heck of a Czech Feminist art film. It's girl power wrapped up in social and political commentary with a sweet sugary shell and psychedelic colors " 3) SUPERSTAR- THE KAREN CARPENTER STORY (1987)
(questo è incredibbbile)
Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, del 1987, by Todd Haynes (il regista di "Velvet Goldmine", "Lontano dal Paradiso" e "I'm not there").
Il film racconta la vita della cantante Karen Carpenter, dalla creazione del gruppo "The Carpenters" fino alla morte per anoressia della donna. Al posto degli attori, il regista ha usato bambole Barbie, e ha impiegato mesi per costruire il set in miniatura. Il film non èstato mai trasmesso nelle sale per violazione dei copyright, e Haynes non è mai stato capace di acquisire i diritti delle canzoni dei Carpenters che compaiono nel film .
4) Una lettrice mi ha scritto nei commenti l'altro giorno a proposito di questo:
il vestito che Penelope Cruz indossa in una scena di "Gli abbracci spezzati" di Almodovar è stato copiato da un abito di Sailor Pluto! Beh Vabbeh Sailor Moon foreva.
Il che mi ha portato alla mente questo:
vi dice nulla questa foto di Kirsten Dunst? LAST AUGUST il video
"Last August is a story featuring Kirsten Dunst in Tokyo’s Akihabara shopping district wearing a sailor-suit costume and a blue wig. The directors are McG (Terminator Salvation) and artist Takashi Murakami. The video was played at London’s Tate Modern museum as part of "the Pop Life: Art In A Material World exhibit".
Possum Trot: The Life and Work of Calvin Black, 1903-1972
"Calvin Black was a folk artist who lived in California's Mojave Desert and created more than 80 life-size female dolls, each with its own personality, function, and costume. He also built the "Bird Cage Theater," where the dolls perform and sing in voices recorded by the artist. The film works on two levels. One is the documentation of the artist's legacy and commentary on women: grotesque female figures moving in the desert wind and the theater with its frozen "actresses," protected by his widow from a world she views as hostile. The other is the re-creation of the artist's vision through the magic of film, as the camera enables the dolls to move and sing and brings theater to life as the artist imagined it". Possum Trot is part of the "Visions of Paradise" series on contemporary folk artists directed and produced by Irving Saraf and Allie Light. The other four films in the series are: Angel That Stands By Me: the Paintings of Minnie Evans, Hundred and Two Mature: The Art of Harry Lieberman, Grandma's Bottle Village: The Art of Tressa Prisbrey, and The Monument of Chief Rolling Mountain Thunder.
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