10 ottobre 2010

Color Psychology – How To Use It In Your Blog?

http://www.jonathanvolk.com/blogging/color-psychology-how-to-use-it-in-your-blog.html -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Each color has been known to affect our moods and what we do. People have been known to use color psychology in their websites to get more sales. But how can you use it in your blog you wonder? Well if you read more about it below, you will learn how. First get to understand how each color effect's people’s moods. And then edit the colors in your website to go with what your site is about. For example: If your site is a social network it would be recommended to use allot of blue and white. And if it is a postal service website it would be recommended to use allot of brown. I know at this moment you are wondering why these places choose these colors. Well there is a reason and I will let you know more about it now. Red - Makes people impulsive and want to click. Use red on "click here" buttons or text. The reason red makes people impulsive is because it is a very bright color that stimulates the mind and increases circulation. Green - Makes people think of money. So if you have an affiliate site or a money making site green will be a great color to use. Use it in your banners, small amounts of text and images. Blue - Helps people relax and be calm. It will help people stay longer on your site. So make sure to mostly use blue in your site. But use a shade that is not bright and is easy on the eyes. Use a light or medium blue in your background, in banners and images. This is a great color to use if you have a moneymaking blog. I have noticed allot of moneymaking blogs are using blue in their site. Silver - Using this color in your website will make people feel your site has value and is worth more. Silver makes people think of expensive, modern, smooth and technical things. Don't use silver too much because it can hurt the eyes. Use a small bit in your blog. You can use it in your decorations and some of your text. But don't over do it. Purple - Helps people trust you more. Use the colors purple, blue and white together. I learned these 3 colors work very well together. Purple will make people feel you are loyal, trust worthy; creative and you have cutting edge products! Pink - People will feel your products are trendy and sophisticated by using this color in your site. It also means love, sweet, youth and is feminine. So if you want guys going to your website, don't use too much of it. Use a little bit through out your website instead. Orange - Using a small amount of orange in your site will let people know your fun and they can enjoy talking to you. It's an inviting color. Have you noticed how most of the RSS feed colors are orange? I believe they chose that color for a specific reason. So people feel invited to be added to your feed! So don't stop using orange for your RSS feed buttons. I think it’s an excellent choice of color. Yellow - This is a great color to highlight a small amount of text in your sales page. But don't over use it because some people can get angry or anxious with this color. I would suggest only using this color once or twice in your website and sales page. Brown - Using a little bit of brown in your website will let people know your dependable and friendly. United Parcel Service uses this color so people feel they can depend on them for fast deliveries. You should definitely use this color in your website. White - Is great to attract attention to your website and have a clean feel for your site. People will feel there is fresh things on your website with this simple but popular color. Black - Try using less black in your site and more blue and white. Too much black text can hurt people's eyes. I enjoy dark gray text in my articles. It's easier on my eyes. Black is good to use in titles, banners and a small amount of text. I want my readers to read all of my articles and not have trouble when reading them.

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  1. I'd like change the layout of my blog. There's too much orange now! Thank you for your advice! Valeria

  2. WOW! What a nice post, full of interesting suggestions...my blog is almost white, so I hope it will really attracy attention! :-)) have a nice day, msbx