3 settembre 2011

Alexa's signature elements of style

Ho trovato questo articolo che riassume gli elementi di stile di Alexa: t shirts
scarpe basse
satchel bags
Mi è dunque tornato in mente un altro articolo, HOW TO BE AN INDIE GIRL (su Fullissue.com):
Step 1 Indie is a tenure that’s being thrown around utterly a bit these days, and is used generically to report something or someone who is original, artistic, or outside the mainstream. Regardless of the actuality which indie presumably refers to a singular quality, it has fast grown a stereotypical style. If you’re in to trends, and target to be an indie girl, get ready. There’s usually a couple of elementary stairs station between you, and a new, edgier, some-more artsy persona. The initial step is revelation to yourself which we have been perplexing to be a “indie girl.” Step 2 First and foremost, the many critical order about being indie, is NEVER let any a single know which we have been attempting to be indie. Don’t speak about being indie, artistic, or unique. Don’t discuss it any a single which we conflict the mainstream music, movies, culture, etc. Your appearance, interests, books, and music should communicate this. If we have been held perplexing to crop up indie, we will be called a “hipster” or “poser,” and generally, you’ll demeanour similar to a jackass. So this essay is the tiny secret. Don’t discuss it your indie friends we review it. Step 3 Get the music. This is really important. You can’t be an indie lady nonetheless a vast collect up of problematic music. So what does the smart indie lady attend to? Here’s a list of bands which offer as elementary essentials to your indie music collection: -Modest Mouse -Neutral Milk Hotel -The Cold War Kids -TV upon the Radio -Mountain Goat -The Yeah Yeah Yeahs -Clap your hands contend yeah -Le Tigre -Cat Power -The Apples in Stereo -The Pixies -Tilly and the Wall -The New Pornographers -Broken Social Scene -Interpol -Spoon If we have been in the habit of to listening to lots of cocktail music, R&B, or country, these bands might receptive to advice similar to a store of crap. There have been a tiny lighter indie bands, which might be some-more digestable if we aren’t in the habit of to listening to indie music. Of course, these bands won’t get we many approval as an indie girl, nonetheless they will get we headed upon the right track: -Bright Eyes -Anything upon the soundtrack for “Juno” (but do not discuss it any a single we own which CD) -Of Montreal -Deathcab for Cutie -The Shins I will additionally note which we should substantially know a tiny music history. At slightest know a tiny about music in the 60's, and punk rock. It would additionally be utilitarian to have a tiny credentials believe of blues, ska, reggae, and folk music. *Important: Emo bands have been not indie. Do not discuss it people we have been in to Fall out boy, or be scared at the disco, or any alternative such band Listen to those at home, in privacy, if we have to attend to them at all. After you’ve acquired music from these bands, proceed seeking for the many problematic music we can find in the indie genre. The some-more obscure, the better. Drop the names of the bands in review with alternative indie people. This will have we demeanour really indie. Step 4 A cardigan sweater is an indie lady essential. Now the clothes! This partial is sincerely easy. Indie character is about perplexing to crop up similar to we do not caring if we demeanour cold (but we do). Dorky garments have been in. Buy anything at civic outfitters. It is a flattering costly store, and they do not have many locations, nonetheless if you’re propitious sufficient to live nearby one, you’ve now got indie character straightforwardly available. However, we should not discuss it people we emporium at civic outfitters. They will call we a hipster. If do not have ready entrance to an civic outfitters, revisit civic outfitters.com and check out their habit for ideas. Ideally your habit should contain: -Skinny jeans, and lots of them. -Another span of spare jeans, in a splendid color, similar to yellow or red -High tip shoes. Preferably in splendid colors (not prohibited pink) DO NOT get pitch taylors (converse) shoes. These have been strictly out in the indie stage (everyone has them, and thus they have been no longer indie.) -A couple of pairs of flats. They should have patterns similar to plaid or polka dots, or be brightly colored. -One or dual selected dresses. -Brightly colored tights and leggings -Plaid. Lots of plaid shirts. -Tshirts with inventive cinema upon them. However, they should not be from brands similar to billabong or roxy. Brand names aren’t indie. -Cardigan sweaters -Tops which have patterns. Loud patterns. Again, go with the splendid colors. -Vintage jewelry. Not the large cosmetic emo beads from claire’s either. -Scarves. Add a headband to any outfit for an now indie feel. Patterned scarves have been even better -A follower bag. -Funky hats, belts and purses. Suspenders get we additional points. -Leg Warmers DONT’s for the indie lady habit include: -Studs and spikes. Those have been for emos. -Dark colors. They have been fine in tiny doses, nonetheless your outfit should not be all black, or often black. This again, is compared with emo. -Hot pinkish and orange green. -Brand names. No essay of your habit should have an a code name intoxicated upon it. Step 5 Bangs and Bedhead have been the elementary of indie lady hairstyles Now it’s time for hair and have up. Bangs have roughly any braid automatically indie. Pixie cuts have been additionally a great bet. Don’t do as well many with hairdye. Crazy shrill colors aren’t in all compared with indie. The hair should be a tiny messy, and it should demeanour similar to we didn’t outlay really many time we do it. Also, equivocate emo hair styles. we certitude which we do not have to discuss it we what an emo braid is. You should know a single when we see one. Scarves and conduct bands have been protected indie hair accessories. As for have up, reduction is more. Don’t wear a lot of have up. Dark eyeliner, or smokey eyes is acceptable. Red lipstick is additionally okay. If we use eye makeup, do not use mouth have up, and if we use mouth have up, do not use eye makeup. Keep it simple. *Note: Peircings have been really excusable in the indie scene, nonetheless as with have up, reduction is more. One facial peircing is appropriate, at many (and you’re pulling it) two. Step 6 So you’ve got the clothes, the hair, and the music. What’s left? You’ve got to collect up an artsy hobby (if we dont already have one.) This should be something similar to painting, photography, personification an instrument, essay communication or stories, creation films, etc. Just something artsy. Not great at art? Try epitome painting. It will have we demeanour deep, and the really easy. Step 7 Bikes have been a really excusable mode of indie transportation Your lifestyle should fit with your indie lady style. Here is a list of things to do which will fit with your indie hold up style:
-Watch lots of eccentric movies. -Ride a bicycle everywhere. Not a towering bike though. On aged fashioned a single which we paid for from the preservation store. -Collect annals and own a jot down player -Be a vegetarian or improved yet, a vegan -Smoke. we know it’s bad for you. But all the indie kids do it. Learn to hurl your own cigarettes -Drink tough liquor -Do NOT be a republican -Read books. Not books similar to “Twilight” or “Harry Potter.” Read classical novels, and books about art and philosophy. Read each Hunter S. Thompson book we can find. -Read the newspaper. -Develope clever magnanimous attitudes about politics -Go to internal shows often (indie bands of course) -Join an indie band. Learn a uncanny instrument, similar to the accordian or banjo. Weird instruments have bands many some-more indie. -Hang out at internal coffee shops -Buy garments at preservation stores. -Pretend we have been poor, even if we aren’t -If we contingency expostulate a car, have certain it is a compress automobile or a induce back -Motor scooters have been the idealisation form of indie transportation -Be very, really thin. You can’t demeanour great in those spare jeans unless we have been thin. Being a vegetarian should assistance with this.

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